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Looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas? SLC Merch is your one-stop-shop for promotional products and business gifts. Our extensive range of promo products will ensure you find something to suit your requirements.

With 1000s of selections, SLC Merch offers branded merchandise to fulfill all of your needs.

Put our knowledge about promotional products to work for you. With high-quality promotional products, fast delivery times, and prices to fit all budgets, we will provide customized, relevant recommendations for you. Simply take a look around or contact us now and we'll do the shopping for you!

We are located in downtown Salt Lake City and are here to help with all of your promotional product questions, always welcome to give an email or swing by to our shop for a one on one on what we can do to help you with your promo needs.

We have been in the advertise print market for over 20 years, and have experience and knowledge base when it comes to the many different styles of printing it takes to print on a variety of different items and substrates.

We are not just the norm take order yes people, we are also a print house that knows what and how the best way to brand your ideas onto promo items for your special events.



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